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Windows update

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Windows update

Post by Admin on Thu Nov 14, 2013 12:24 am

Windows update

Scenario: 1 Error Message: Windows Services not running.

Step: 1 Click on Start .Run type “Services.msc”

Step: 2 Check the Windows update services status, whether its running or stopped .

Step: 3 If the services found stopped, try to start the services and also the dependency services also .

Step: 4 Dependency service for Windows update is “RPC” service .So enable the RPC.

Step: 5 If unable to start the Windows Services? Any error message, check for the error code and proceed further.

Step: 6 Open Msconfig and perform Clean boot, restart the computer.

Step: 7 Try to restart the Windows updates services .If the issue still persist.

Step: 8 Open Registry Editor.

Note: Before making any changes on the registry editor, take a back up of entire registry editor.

Step: 9 navigate to the following registry path and check the startup value on the right pane.

Go to : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\wuauserv , select wuauserv ,on the right pane check the value for Start, value should be 2 , if the value is other than 2 , change it to 2.
Right click on the Start , click on edit , set the value for 2.

Step: 10 Restart the computer .

Step: 11 Try running the Microsoft Fix it tool, use the below link to get the Fixit tool.


Step: 12 If the issue still persists , the following services might be corrupted .

Step: 13 Run SFC scan if the operating system is Windows Vista or Windows 7.


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