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Browser Redirect

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Browser Redirect

Post by Admin on Thu Nov 14, 2013 12:26 am

Browser Redirect
Customer is able to go online , but unable to view the correct page , the browser is getting redirected to some other webpage .
This could be an issue with the Virus , but do the basic settings on the computer .

Step: 1 Check the name of the browser and try the same web page on another browser, if customer has one.
Step: 2 If the issue still persist even on the other web browser ,it concludes that the issue is not with the browser specific.
Step: 3 Check the internet explorer options , select the connection tab and click on LAN settings.

Ensure that there is no check mark under the proxy server settings .
Step: 4 Open the Network connection window , and right click on the LAN or Wireless network, and go to properties.

Step: 5 Open the LAN properties windows and double click on Internet Protocol(TCP/IP)

Step:7 Look whether the DNS address or the IP address are set for Automatic .

Step: 8 IF the Ip address were not set for automatic


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