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Face Book internet explorer frame issue(pipeline issue).

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Face Book internet explorer frame issue(pipeline issue).

Post by Admin on Thu Nov 14, 2013 12:29 am

Face Book internet explorer frame issue(pipeline issue).

The following steps that is given below is the work around , so try the below mentioned steps for this issue.

Step: 1 Check the browser, if customer is using Internet Explorer? Try to login using another browser. If customer is able to login with another browser?
Step: 2 check the basic browser settings of IE, Open IE in No add on’s mode
Note: If customer is using IE 8 or IE 9, try to open Face book in Compatibility mode settings
Step: 3 after changing the browser settings try to login to Face book again, if the issue persists?
Step: 4 Get the User ID and the password of Face Book, try to login from our end.
Note : Ensure that do not use the Customer user name or the password for any other purpose, before you do this step inform your team lead or SME.
Step: 5 IF possible , try to login using your login information on customer computer .If that works . This issue could be because of the Apps that was installed on Customer’s Face Book Account .
Step: 6 So uninstall the App’s that is currently installed on Customer’s face book account.

Step: 7 Click on Settings , find the list of App’s and remove it .
This issue is a conflict between the IE toolbar and the App’s which is installed on Face book.
Even if you perform IE reset also some times the issue may persists, so find the toolbars in Add or remove programs and uninstall the browser tool bars.


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