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Separate Jobs Sent When Printing Faxing Multiple Copies in MS Excel 97 or Later

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Separate Jobs Sent When Printing Faxing Multiple Copies in MS Excel 97 or Later

Post by Admin on Wed Nov 13, 2013 11:04 pm

When printing multiple copies on a Microsoft Excel 97 or later worksheet, each copy is printed as a separate print job.
Example:If you print five copies of a worksheet, five print jobs are created and sent to the printer. This behavior may cause the following problems:
Longer Printing Times:It may take longer to print multiple copies, than it does in versions earlier than '97.
Jobs Print at Different Times:If other users or other programs are printing to the same printer at the same time, some print jobs may not be printed consecutively; they may be printed separately before or after the other print jobs.
FAX Issues:Since fax drivers act like printer drivers in Microsoft Windows, this behavior may also occur when you fax a worksheet, chart, or other document from Microsoft Excel 97 (or later).
In the Printdialog box, uncheck Collatebefore printing (click OKafter unchecking box).

NOTE: If you clear the Collatecheck box, you must manually collate the printed output. This behavior is by design of Microsoft Excel 97.
This issue occurs because the Collatecheck box in the Printdialog box is selected (checked) by default in Microsoft Excel 97 (and later). When this check box is selected, and you print multiple copies, Microsoft Excel creates a separate print job for each copy you request, and then sends each job to the printer. In earlier versions of Microsoft Excel, the Collate check box is cleared by default.


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