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Troubleshoot scanning problems

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Troubleshoot scanning problems

Post by Admin on Wed Nov 13, 2013 11:06 pm

Troubleshoot scanning problems
Here are solutions to some common problems with scanning documents or pictures, and with using Windows Fax and Scan or Windows Photo Gallery to scan and manage documents.
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I added my scanner to the computer but I can't select it when I use Windows Fax and Scan or Windows Photo Gallery.
Make sure that you've correctly connected the scanner or multifunction printer with scanning capabilities to your computer, and that the device is powered on. If that doesn't work, you might need to update the driver so that your scanner can work with this version of Windows. For more information, see Update a driver for hardware that isn't working properly.
If a driver is not available or if you've updated the driver and still can't select the scanner, find out if your scanner uses TWAIN technology. TWAIN is an application programming interface (API) that is used to import images from scanners and digital cameras to your computer. Windows Photo Gallery and Windows Fax and Scan use a different technology, called the Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) API, and do not work with TWAIN scanners. If your scanner uses TWAIN technology, you might need to use the program that came with your scanner instead of using Windows Fax and Scan or Windows Photo Gallery. To find out if your scanner uses TWAIN technology, check the information that came with the scanner or contact the scanner manufacturer.
I tried putting more than one picture on the scanner at one time and scanning each of them to a separate file, but it doesn't work.
Make sure that there's enough space between the pictures before you try to scan them. For example, if you place multiple photos on a scanner, make sure that the pictures are separated from each other on all sides before you try to scan them at one time into separate files. If that doesn't work, you might need to scan each picture separately.
Some scanners do not support image segmentation, which is the ability to preview or scan multiple images at one time and then create separate files for each image. For more information, contact the scanner manufacturer.
When I preview a document that I want to scan, images in the document are already cropped or I'm unable to crop them.
Windows remembers the last settings that you used to scan a document or picture. If you selected the Preview or scan images to separate files check box, Windows Fax and Scan automatically crops images for you the next time that you try to scan a document or picture. To manually crop images, in the New Scan dialog box, clear the Preview or scan images to separate files check box, and then try again.
I set up Windows Fax and Scan to automatically forward scanned documents, but Windows didn't forward my scanned document to the e-mail address or network folder that I selected.
Only documents that you scan by pushing a button on the scanner itself are automatically forwarded. If you scan a document by using a program on your computer, your scanned document will not be automatically forwarded. In addition, some scanners do not work with automatic scan forwarding (scan routing) in Windows Fax and Scan. To see if your scanner supports this feature, contact the scanner manufacturer.
You can manually forward a scanned document or picture to someone else by using Windows Fax and Scan. For more information, see Fax or e-mail a scanned document.
I previewed a document or picture and then adjusted my scan settings, but I can't see changes in the preview pane.
Some scanners do not automatically refresh the preview pane when you change settings, such as when you adjust the contrast or brightness settings. To see your changes, you need to preview the document again after you adjust the scan settings. For more information, see Scan a document or file and Scan a picture.


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