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Blue screen error

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Blue screen error

Post by Admin on Wed Nov 13, 2013 11:12 pm

Common windows troubleshooting methods :

1. Windows 7 blue screen errors:

Step 1:

Open the Advanced system settings :

Step 2:
Check the Advanced tab.
Step 3 :
From here it should be same for all users. In the Advanced tab, click on the Settings button under
“Startup and Recovery” as shown in the image above.
Now in the Startup and Recovery dialog box that comes up, just uncheck the option for Automatically restart under the System failure section as shown below.

Step 4:

Next time if Windows encounters any errors you will get a BSOD and you’ll be able to write down the error message for troubleshooting. Remember though that you’ll have to manually reboot the computer now if this happens.

Step 5 :

Update the all hardware driver softwares.


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