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Configure the FAX settings.

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Configure the FAX settings.

Post by Admin on Wed Nov 13, 2013 11:59 pm

Configure the FAX settings.

Step:1 Check the physical connection from the telephone wall outlet and to the Fax machine

Check the physical connection ,From the telephone wall jack connect the telephone cable to the printer which says “1 Line” , check the cable type it should be a two wired cable , if customer is using four wired telephone use the filter in between the printer and the telephone wall jack.

Step:2 Check the fax connection by printing the fax test page ,This page will give the complete information about the fax connection.

Use the front panel menu to get the option and to print the FAX TEST PAGE , the option differs from different printer manufacturer.

Step:3 Then try to send the test fax to any fax number .
If customer do not have any fax number to send the fax , use the HP fax NUMBER “1-888-473-2963 “

Note:Once you send the fax to this number you will receive the fax with in 5-7 minutes , and most of the cases this will work only for HP printers .

Step:4 If the customer have other device such us telephone or the Telephone Answering Machine (TAM) , connect it to the other line which is “2 LINE” or see the above image .

Step:5 After connecting the telephone to the printer ,pick the phone receiver and check for the dial tone .
Note: If there is no dial tone , have to check the phone cable or connect the phone directly to the wall outlet and recheck the dial tone on the telephone , still if there is no dial tone there should be an issue with the telephone or the phone cable .

Step:6 If there is a dial tone , then go to the printer menu and change the Ring pattern on the printer, set the number of rings to 2.


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