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Unable to Print

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Unable to Print

Post by Admin on Thu Nov 14, 2013 12:08 am

Printer Issue.

Step: 1 Check the type of the printer and the connection.
Step: 2 Open Printer and faxes from control panel.
Step: 3 Check for the printer name that was installed by the customer.
Step: 4 make sure the default printer should have a check mark with the status online. If the printer status shows off or no check mark.
Step: 5 right click on the printer icon and set it as default printer and make it as online.
Step: 6 try to print from the computer, if unable to print but the print job struck in queue.
Step: 7 Double click on printer icon and delete all the print jobs.
Step: 8 Clicks on Start—Run – Type “Services.msc”
Step: 9 look for the services Print spooler, check the startup type and the service status, it should be started and the service status should be Automatic .If unable to start the print spooler services.
Step: 10 Open the Print spooler services –Click on the dependency tab, check the dependency services .And start the dependency services as well.
Step: 11 still unable to start the print spooler services.
Step: 12 Click on start – My computer – C: \windows\system32\spool\printer open the printer folder and delete the entire content.
Step: 13 restart the computer.
Step: 14 try to print, still unable to print.
Step: 15 Open MSCONFIG – click on services tab – put a check on Hide all Microsoft services, look for AOL services .Disable the AOL services.
Step: 16 Restart the computer, try to print.

Wireless printer
Step: 1 If customer has wireless printer first get the IP address of the printer .
Step: 2 Start –Run—type CMD , click on OK.

Step: 3 Type ipconfig /all , this will display the entire information within the network.
Step: 4 Check the IP address of the printer, and ping it .For ex:, type ping
Step: 5 Check the printer is communicating with the router, if not.
Step: 6 Open printer and faxes window, Right click on the printer, click on properties
Step: 7 Click on Ports, select standard TCP/IP port , then delete the port.
Step: 8 Select add port –click on standard TCP/IP add the ip address manually.
Step: 9 restart the computer, and try to print.


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