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Wireless Printer Configuration

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Wireless Printer Configuration

Post by Admin on Thu Nov 14, 2013 12:09 am

Wireless Printer Configuration

Note: In order to configure the printer through wireless ,Computer should be connected to the same network through wired or wireless.

Step:1 Turn on the printer and the computer .

Step:2 Ensure that the router is on and the wireless is configured on the router , on the printer front panel menu Go to setup and go to Wireless setup wizard .

Step: 3 Select the correct wireless network name (SSID) and press the OK button .

Step: 4 If the wireless connection is configured with the WI-Protected mode then the printer will prompt for the Wireless security key , so enter the Wireless security key on the printer using the key pad .

Step:5 Print the Network test page from the printer ,and get the IP address of the printer .

Step:6 Go to the computer and ping the IP address of the printer.

Step:7 insert the Printer Installation media or download the software from the Printer manufacturer website .

Step:8 Install the Printer setup file and during the installation process the setup window will prompt for the connection type like “USB or NETWORK” under the network there will be more options like “WIRED or WIRELESS “

Step: 9 select the wireless option on the installation screen and continue with the installation.


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